Tuesday, March 29

Pram Walking - Yeah Right!

Ow Ow Ouch. Could do them for false advertising!!

Wielding her whistle and stop watch our pint sized trainer is tough.

OK, so we may start off on a light stroll, but we progress quickly to a speed walk and finally a gentle jog. But thats just the half of it, as a gang of mums and their prams (complete with babies - we would look a bit silly with empty prams), take over the local park.

Reach the top of the path........and stretch. In full view on a busy main road and on a popular bus route - we make a traffic stopping show.

Warmed up we go into the park for the real thigh slimming, glutæus maximus busting squats and lunges. In (near) perfect symmetry we bend those knees and lift those arms, starting to feel the burn.

Baby crying? Don't worry, out of the pram they come for a cuddle and act as a very handy weight. No excuses for stopping. "15 seconds more. .....................3, 2, 1 and march it out."

The trainer tells us we just burnt 450 calories and to have a banana, but throughout the hour I have been thinking of the Kit Kat Chunky I will reward myself with and a nice brew. It could go either way!

Well the mums and babies survived another pram walk. Perfect start to the week!

So watch out light strollers, dog walkers, kids on push bikes and dads! If you go down to the park today (Mondays and Wednesdays 10-11), you're sure of a big suprise, or at least a chuckle!!


  1. Very funny, brings back good memories.

  2. Olganna, a very well written blog and the product looks great, glad to see your first is done and now for the first container of fabric for the big orders. Good luck and happy strolling

  3. Cheers Richard. It's been so busy but interesting. I have learnt so much. Just never enough hours!


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