Monday, April 4

Ale Prince William!

No, its not poor grammar, its my latest Royal Wedding find.

Everywhere I go the flags of red, white and blue are flying, crowns adorn obscure product, there is bunting for sale in anticipation of the street parties and in my local supermarket they are commemorating the occasion in real ale style, with Kiss me Kate ale.

Out shopping today I saw deely boppers with Will on 1 side and Kate on the other, and some rather suspect printed badges. Yes, there is tons of disposible tat ready for landfill on April 30th.

But some lovely things too. I saw some great mugs, cake boxes and cake stands, a nod to the traditional English garden party. Pretty and practical, cake stands pose problems for the symmetrically minded among us and the ONLY solution is to eat 1 from each side. I know its a difficult compromise, but got to keep the harmony on the cake stand.

With speculation rife, a plethora of Wills and Kate websites have emerged and people love it! These are celebs actually worthy of their 'celeb status'. Although having to share space in 'Reveel!' magazine with Kerry and Katie demeans it somewhat.

Without even looking, this week I have found out that William does not plan to wear a wedding ring. He will wear his military uniform - but which one?? And with Harry in charge of the stag do the media lay in wait of the aftermath.

So cucumber sandwiches at the ready - crusts off of course, a few chilled Royal ales, fingers crossed for some sunshine, kick back watching a right Royal do. Whatever your views, there is something for everyone and in any case it's an extra day off work, now how can that be bad. 


  1. wow, I couldn't have put it beter myself. This is my first blog! Kathleen

  2. Hey. Following you from the blogging buddies group on etsy. Nice to meet you!

  3. Hi Christina! Wow its been busy setting all this up and getting into analytics but I am pretty pleased with the results. I am really enjoying blogging and keep jotting things down throughout the day. Keeps me out of mischief!!


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