Tuesday, April 12

Ghost the Musical - Opera House Manchester - Review

The well known 80's screenplay Ghost, is brought bang up to date and into musical format with fantastic production and a digitally enhanced, all singing, all dancing set.

We were lucky to get seats for this as we booked late but so glad we did. It was very entertaining throughout with some laughs and some touching moments.

It seems that everything can be sung these days and with dialogue crow-barred into song this was no exception, and despite lacking memory of the film it was easy enough to follow. The lyrics at times seemed repetitive and the dancing slightly random but it did not disappoint. We even had the added effects of vertigo and near heat stroke, this was due to our elevated position coupled with unusually sunny weather for Manchester at any time of year, let alone April.
The singing was strong, Richard Fleeshman (Sam) was the winner of Celebrity Pop Idol so has proved himself already as a singer, but the most entertaining came from the con-artist/medium character Oda Mae Brown who really owned the stage. She was larger than life and added a comic element which engaged the audience and really made us love her. During her huge solo number toward the end the backdrops were fantastically arranged Vegas stylee, allowing the audience into her delight as she had finally made it.
The orchestra were flawless, to the point that until almost the end when I caught sight of them, I
forgot it actually was an orchestra playing. This also is testament to the whole production in that I could not keep my eyes off the stage. A real first for me as I have a habit of getting fidgety and losing concentration after about 20 minutes during films and theatre.
The 'ghost' elements will not disappoint as the well constructed set, illusions and direction are all well combined and rehearsed to ensure superb special effects.

The construction of the set was brilliant, lots going on, very modern and more technologically advanced than I have experienced in theatre, showstopping - literally. At one point it was obvious the props were not where they needed to be. This caused an impromptu interval while technical difficulties were remedied. A whispering audience speculated about the issues but it was soon forgotten as we went into the last act.
It is a musical, and to be honest I was not a fan of the songs or much of the dancing, but it really did not detract at all - for me - from the overall greatness of the show.
I am by no means an avid theatre goer so this review is just an amateur observation, but I went with 2 girlfriends and one of their mothers in law and all of us really enjoyed it. I would definitely recommend booking to see Ghost the musical.

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  1. This is a 21st century musical hatched from a 20th century film, and by keeping the screen writer of the film as the writer of the stage version you retain the passion and inspiration first realised 20 years ago. I have been fortunate enough to see this show on numerous occasions since it opened and the producers are constantly changing things every show to enhance the experience and what a wonderful job they are doing of it too.
    The casting director is nothing short of a genius looking at the massive pool of talent gathered together on the stage.
    This show is going to be a big big hit in London and Broadway judging by the five star reviews it has already and it is only effectively in preview.



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