Friday, April 15

Anyone remember the Sinclair Spectrum ??

Go Wireless – Go Mad.

Sat in the driving seat on the information super highway, (front room, sofa, cuppa and chocolate biscuits) the wireless router furiously flickering as it shifts information through the air, from box to router to laptop to printer and all the way back again a million billion trillion times a second (OK, not actual fact but it is loads), I am having a lazy Saturday afternoon. With 4 tabs open, flicking through 2 online catalogues simultaneously price checking a new microwave, sorting my car insurance via 1 website but 1200 insurers, while noticing my mate has a new car as she just facebooked it from her iphone.

With all these capabilities we must achieve so much more than we ever did!! More shopping, more communication, more information.

 I seem to be in a constant battle with my wireless network. The broadband is super fast and at the right time of day cannot be faulted but the wrong time and I just seem to spend hours hitting ‘refresh’, ‘dignose connection problem’ only to be told no problem was found.

‘Well let me tell you server that cannot be found, there is a problem and it’s wasting my life!!!!!!!’

But hold on, if I have managed to get all those tasks done at once – the shopping, the socialising, the car insurance, I can surely afford a few lost minutes in down time can’t I?? Of course not, THIS IS MY LAZY SATURDAY!

 I have a multitude of outstanding tasks, internet banking, need a hotel booking for that wedding in June, need to check if that outdoor furniture is back in stock. Aaarrgh I am running out of time and trying to print out that voucher for a discount meal for my night out on Tuesday and the wireless connection to the printer is interrupted, so I am once again clicking and double clicking the icon trying to make something happen.

Tut, now its all jammed, the whole lot.

Inside my head I am stamping my feet in irritation, but know there is nothing to be done now but give up, its game over. We’ve come a long way baby since the cassette tape powered Spectrum computer. But the feeling of annoyance as we wait for the thing to load is still the same. Just doesn’t have that irritating squealing screeching loading up sound anymore. Oh actually it does – but it’s in my head.


  1. Computers can never be fast enough or perfect enough. We've designed them to work for us a specific way and when they don't live up - well, I want to toss mine across the room. Except then I wouldn't have a computer and my life would be unfulfilled. Sorry for your tech woes. Having someone to fix those sorts of issues is the only reason I regret getting divorced.

  2. Ha! I love it. 'Having someone to fix those sorts of issues is the only reason I regret getting divorced.'

    New tech woe - WEBMASTER - Need I say more!?!?!

  3. Computers are sneaky, they make us think we are getting lots done in very little time but having sat down to do one simple thing exactly one hour ago I have since been sidetracked on several occasions and luckily chose to end on a high reading olganna musings. Am really switching it off now though... Or maybe I should just do some internet banking... No!


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