Monday, April 18

The Height of Procrastination.

Stand up and declare -

‘My name is Helen and I am a procrastinator’.

There I said it. Now I can do something about it. After I just sort out that cupboard, send that quick e-mail, make a brew – can’t do anything without a brew, and a chocolate biscuit, better eat that in the kitchen so I don’t get crumbs on my work. You know what, I need to ring my mum about babysitting tomorrow and, oh, look at the time, let me put the oven on for that pizza.

Right, now I have finished my tea, I can get on with it. Just before I do I must put the bins out. So, 2 hours wasted doing all that stuff and not a pattern cut, it’s still all in my head.

I really have to fight to get past this procrastination thing. I am motivated, I have ideas, I have drive, I just have too many things to do and am far too good at making excuses.

So I have tackled this head on and started a team on Etsy'Personal Challenge - Set Your Own Goal'.

For anyone who does not know, Etsy is a fantastic shopping website selling just about everything and its all been created with love, handmade with care and is full of totally unique product.

My plan is to share my goal, monitor my goal and since I am sharing it with the world, be shamed into achieving it!! I have invited others to do the same.

Any fellow Etsians (yes we have a collective noun) who need to focus are welcome to join in.

Aha! You suss'd me. This is procrastination with a motivational, self help guise. Writing this is another and so it goes...A vicious circle, and still those ideas are in my head!!

OK, over and out.


  1. Hi, fellow Etsian. I feel we must have the written equivalent of the secret handshake reserved for us. ; )

    Hey, did you know has a sub-group for procrastinators? Yup, "Procrastinators Write Eventually." How perfect is that, hmm? Don't be intimidated, just go on over to their home page, do a search for the group, and ask to join! What's there to lose?

    Glad you posted in the etsy blogging buddies forum coz that's how I found you! I love your tag line below your banner, made me grin.

  2. Checking out - thanks for the headsup.

    I am loving the bb forum on Etsy too, found a lot of cool blogs through that.

  3. Love the goal idea and your blog. I am on-board 100%! Hope I can be a featured team member one day.


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