Thursday, April 21

The Royal Bunting

In line with current UK temperatures, there is Royal Wedding fever in the air. With 8 days to go London is a riot of red, white and blue and the shops are on their final push to get rid of the commemorative product, as in 9 days time it will no longer be relevant.

With today being the 85th birthday of The Queen - curtsey and say 'Happy Birthday Your Majesty', it is appropriate for Kate to pause for thought about her life as a future Queen. She will have to become accustomed to waking up next to a prince and living in a palace, the stuff dreams are made of. Well no more, as Disney have said that they will be making no more Disney Princess movies as it does not reflect current times and is unappealing for boys. Ha! Tell that to our Kate! The commoner who got her Prince.

She must be getting so excited right now and so far has managed to keep the dress a secret, of course it will be televised and all over the media before she walks down the aisle so William will be holed up in a chapel next door to the church so there is no chance he will see it before her grand entrance.

And rightly so, its their wedding day and its only proper that  tradition is followed, that intake of breath as he first sees his stunning bride is a moment which cannot be recreated. 

Today must be a slow news day as the tabloids are reporting her weight loss 'issues', front page news - it's called stress of organising a wedding. What bride doesn't shed a few pounds in the lead up to the nuptials? Shame on you red tops.

And just like any other wedding the florist and cake maker will be counting down to the big day but 10 times more fraught as the world is watching, and with the highly distingushed guest list a lot rides on this gig. The horses and guards who will be parading down The Mall all have to be groomed, and the armour requiring polishing of the highest order will be underway. It can take 9 hours to get ready for parade and can take up to 50 hours of polishing to get a brand new pair of shoes ready with that see your face in them shine (I suppose it depends on your wrist action). And what of the Royal Corgi's??  - Ring bearers??

So as we wait in joyful hope for the coming of our newest Royal, HRH Catherine of Wales, we enjoy the record temperatures, the extra bank holiday, Easter weekend, our street parties and for those couples sharing their big day with Royalty, they can make a few bob out of it by selling their stories to the press, everyone's a winner.


  1. Great post!
    Hopefully the news media will leave her alone once the Wedding is over with and not hound her like they did Diana.

  2. Here, Here, she must have some anticipation knowing the family history in that respect.
    I am counting down!!


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