Wednesday, April 27

Our Re-United Kingdom.

The Big Day!

I am soooo excited; finally the big day is almost here. No, not mine – my other half would have a heart attack at the thought, but Will and Kate’s. The nations, no, the worlds new BFF.

Our Nation, Our Re-United Kingdom.

Monarchist or Republican, we’ve taken sides.

The Scottish, who are independent England haters much of the time are seeing Union Jack earrings sell out in Glasgow! While the flags fly in Fife, the bunting is brandished in Bute. We have Royal Fever!!

Households are divided, cries of God Save the Queen gush out of the most unlikely mouths while Republicans throw cold water on the festivities.

Daytime TV is embracing the theme and I am relishing every moment. This morning I have had elocution lessons, been shown how to get into and out of a car as Royalty would and that Royal wave. I am ready.

As they must be, all those hours of preparation, rehearsals, fittings, sleepless nights, exhausting days all culminate on Friday with the walk down the aisle and the words ‘I Do’.

Of course there are the cynics giving them, 6 months, 2 years, 7 years. SHUT UP! This one’s forever, true love exists and we can revel in it. The world can revel in it. And no sooner will they have that famous balcony kiss than; as with any newly married couple, the speculation of increasing the numbers in the Royal household will come.

I shall not be blogging the big day; I am immersing myself in it with family and friends. Twitter has updates, You Tube is screening it on its’ Royal Channel. It is modern and symbolic of the time that such interaction will occur. 

When they return from honeymoon, they will start married life living with another member of the family. Not the greatest beginning for them as they will be lodgers to Prince Harry. Oh, but it is in Clarence House, and they have their own wing so I think they may just get away with that, and privacy will probably be no issue for them.

So with a much improved HOW NOW BROWN COW, a wonderful roll to my R’s and distinguished Royal wave, its toodle ooh for now daarhling, tatty bye and see you post RW.

Enjoy the big day!!
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  1. I am so excited for it as well!!! Although, I am not liking the fact that it starts at 4 am :(

  2. You know I never thought of that for you across the pond. Oh dear that is dedication. My other half does the late nights watching American football and cricket so I guess this is the female version of that.

  3. Love your posts................I am following you on Twitter too>.
    Enjoy the Wedding.

    Many years ago, I used to live in Speke, On Alderwood Avenue with my Grandmother while waiting to move to Canada. I attended All Hallows Girls School while there.
    My family who still live in Jersey frequently travel to Liverpool to watch LFC play at Anfield, My family are HUGE Liverpool supporters, although I have to admit we do have one Everton Supporter.

  4. No way, I go to Speke all the time I only live up the road. It is such a small world. A similar co-incidence happened to me the other day too. I give blood at All Hallows Church. Its a bit out of my way but I have an nice walk round there before hand.

    I will check out your twitter too when I manage to get my head round it all.

    Nice to hear from you. x


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