Wednesday, May 25

Action Station Procrastination.

My shop is not full because I procrastinate. I have set myself goals, lists, and targets when I know the only thing to do is just get on with it. And this week - I have achieved. My secret - Just do it. Thats it, no magic formula.

I had a few other sewing jobs on, and thought this week would be written off in terms of Etsy production, but I have actually cut the fabric for my next 2 bags.
Added the interlining.
Made the handles.
Cut the lining and stitched in the pocket - I remembered for this one. And now I am ready to stitch.

I just sat down and did it. I am truly in disbelief and now need to stop praising myself for a job that is still only half done. I noticed my babe does the same. She'll be doing something and is so busy looking for the praise, she loses concentration and fails to actually reach the end goal! Thats me, have I passed that on somehow? I hope not as its a really annoying self gratification tool which one could rather do without. But now I have realised that I actually do it I can work on it.

I will add it to the list!

For now though, check out my new bag! I love it and the 2 more I have on the go are in black and lace options so I think I have created an exciting product here!


  1. Hi, I'm your newest follower from Etsy team Blogging Buddies...glad to find you!
    You can find my blog at:

    Hope you can check it of luck! :-)

  2. Came to your Blog via the etsy team 'Only You can do it', thanks for setting the team up, it looks great.
    I too spend far too much time dreaming about what I'd like to be making next rather than concentrating on the job in hand and so I hope being a member of the team is going to help me focus.

  3. Olganna,

    You not procrastinating makes me feel like not procrastinating. Thanks for starting the team, you have helped me a great deal.


  4. I am so pleased with this feedback as having to kind of share my progress has definitely helped me. Still a long way til I reach my 50 item goal. But I am determined to get there.
    Well done so far to everybody taking part!


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