Tuesday, May 31

New Projects!

Mini cushions and hanging hearts have been my creative focus this week. My friend is opening a shop and gave me this little project. It was nice having a brief and working to a deadline, I definately get through more when the heat is on.

Tatty Lashes custom design and handcraft wedding stationery, and they are going bricks and mortar!!!  As this is most crafters' ultimate goal, it deserves the red, bold, italic and underlined status and the 3 exclaimation marks I have appointed it.

It's been nice researching other ideas and having a break from the bags which are getting me down as they just aren't selling. But not to worry, I have 3 more bags on the go so by next week I will list them and create some more interest.

In the meantime I have booked myself into 2 craft shows at a local hotel. 3rd July and 9th October. So maybe I will have some luck there. I think I will make some of my mini cushions and heart hangers and fill them with scents for the craft fair, follow the scent.......!

So here are some pics of the lovely pieces I have worked on this week. The shop opening is on Saturday so I will photograph them in-situ and report back to show off!


  1. I love the cupcake. So cute the way you made the wrapper, add's so much demension. Good luck on your craft show. I'll keep my fingers crossed for nice weather because that is what seems to make people go out and about. I love to go to craft shows.

  2. All these things are adorable! The cupcake is my favorite.



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