Wednesday, June 1

Gardens are Scary!

No partner for Zumba last night so since it was nice weather I decided to sort out the garden. Got to grab these opportunities while we can since its rained for days and days here in Liverpool.

Trimmed my bushes, tied up my redcurrants and raspberries which will provide plenty this year I think and mowed the lawn. All the while catching up on my Vitamin D intake. Lots of boxes ticked there.

There is a corner of the garden which is untidy, its on my list, has been for years, just not got round to it. I have a nice wooden barrel there with my big fat buddah and last night I noticed a spiders nest on it. Hundreds of tiny baby spiders scurrying around the nest under their mum's watchful eye. Where will they end up? Hope not in my house. Look up and my willow has these red blobs on which I am so paranoid touched my hair. I was freaked by all this nature. I love my garden, but do I love nature? Its crawly and makes me itch. Its next day and just writing this has made me feel uncomfortable.

Bring on Zumba next week, 140 ladies moving, well, not in unison but generally in time and with relative rhythm. Its fun. We have the Samba, the Mambo, the Bollywood, Charleston its like mass Strictly Come Dancing. The hall is packed, with the dance teacher leading on a stage with a Madonna style headset, its a great way to keep fit and have a laugh. Me and my friend are useless, but we try bless us. Everyone is so busy looking at the teacher that my mis-timed moves are of no concern.

Can anyone identify the red blobs on my willow? Will they turn into little garden monsters to scare and itch me?

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