Wednesday, June 1

Stroppy Teenager??

We never recovered from that episode this morning and it was sulks all day. My usual eye to eye contact with the message of 'thats unacceptable behaviour' really did not work, nor did a 2 hour sleep. Phew! It was a hard day.
She isn't 13 years, she's 13 months! And today, overtired and stroppy that bottom lip was stuck right out after I had to tell her off for snatching a book from her playmate and throwing it on the floor!
How red did my face go. When the mums and tots get together you can hear constantly, 'don't snatch', 'you must share', 'that isn't yours', and today I was just too late!

I introduced her to crayons and drawings later on and she made some actual marks in between eating them! How proud. Put it on the fridge and everything!

So, to my baby, all is forgiven and next week before our library visit I will ensure a snooze is taken to spare my blushes and keep the peace!

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