Monday, May 16

Rustic Holidaying in Nottinghamshire!

So, happy holidays been had by all in Robin Hood's old haunt of Nottinghamshire. Hired a lovely log cabin in a deep dark forest with a spa bath and 4 poster bed. Had to choose the central heating option due to the toddler, so no log fires for us but it was lovely, spotlessly clean and just perfect.

Despite the immaculate condition of the cabin, my dad had got me so worried about the hygene of the spa bath and gave me specific instructions on how to clean it, that I packed my soda crystals, and the very first thing I did when I walked in was clean the bath - just to be on the safe side.

I couldn't have rested til it was done!!

I paid an extra tenner for the 4 poster bed, simply as I had never slept in one before. Bargain price for the amusement it provided as my other half is 2 inches taller than the beam that runs across the top, so a frequent thud preceeded a cloud of blue air, closely followed by a muffled chuckle from myself! Occasionally he scored a double whammy thanks to a rather badly postioned shelving unit; which I managed to avoid the whole time, (a miracle as I am constantly covered in bruises from bumping into eveything else!). Cue, another little giggle!

Plenty of open spaces to walk around and we went to see the Major Oak at Sherwood forest, a 600 year old tree being propped up by scaffolding. One could not help thinking 'Let it die'. My first thought as I walked round the corner to be faced by this relic was that is seemed like an elderly, wrinkled old pensioner on life support. The branches were literally about to drop off were it not for its' crutches. It just was not natural. I suppose as its the major tourist attraction of the forest they have a vested interest to keep it hanging on. Definately worth the visit a richly informative exhibition about the legend of Robin Hood and his band of Merry Men. Robbing from the rich to give to the poor, my, how things have changed...

On site there was a pool as warm as a bath - really toasty and relaxing, and you cannot go to Nottinghamshire without trying archery, so we did - I have bruises! It was fun despite me being rubbish. On a drive through the city we saw some school boys practicising their archery in the playing fields - only in Nottingham??

Of course I enjoyed some creative thinking, hard not to with the absence of the internet and all the usual paraphenalia that crowd my mind daily. Took some lovely pictures and sketched my next creations for my shop for which I have made a pattern this evening. Eager to get back to it and await the return of my poorly Singer hopefully this week. Dog feeds mended and nursed back to good health.

I had to show this example of tree bark taken in Sherwood Forest, what a fabulous contrast in natures colour and quite inspiring for the designer in me!!

Big up holidays in Nottinghamshire! 

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  1. No immediate plans to purchase a four poster bed then!


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