Monday, May 16

Olganna WHAT?? Olganna WHO?

Left work to have a baby, now I have 2 -

My daughter is a year old and needs me so much it is humbling and wonderful and a thousand times better than I every imagined it could be.

The other is is Olganna. I need her! Keeps me thinking, keeps me creative, gives me something of my own. Getting in that workspace and spinning my bobbins making my bags is wonderful therapy and I have lost hours in the zone. I have made some wonderful things and its great to be able to share it with the Etsy community, indeed, the world in my shop.

I have so many areas I want to try but the bags come first. I keep reminding myself to stay focused, explore my ideas in 1 area til they are exhausted and only then I can move on. No signs of that yet as productivity has not been exactly as I would have liked - thats because I have too many ideas and need to focus!!!

Currently taking a week out to design and develop and then come back all guns blazing but with a plan.

My head is simply bursting with the fizzing wonders of creativity. Exploring, challenging what you thought was possible, what you thought you could achieve and suprising yourself all the time.

And I love it!!
Olganna WHAT?? Olganna WHO??

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  1. New follower here. I'm like this too - I have way too many ideas in my head! It's really hard to focus sometimes, but I'm doing my best. I just keep telling myself, "One thing at a time."

    - Michelle


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