Sunday, May 8

What a day!

My baby is 1 year old and we have celebrated today. Lots of family and friends came to share in her fun and brought smiles, kisses and presents. The car was FULL, we barely all got in for the hour long journey home (we had the party at my mums) and as soon as we hit the M62 she was well away. Snoring like her dad is doing now on the sofa behind me.

I have spent a week planning food, drinks, ice, jelly, party bags, and all he said all along was 'don't worry it will be fine'. At 2am this morning I was in bed thinking about ice, so I got up and made some more. Then worrying about jelly, so I got up and checked it. Early this morning I was preparing, planning, buttering, slicing and cutting. Then as designated driver I am only now at 9pm having my first drink and only after unloading the car, unpacking the presents, packing away the old presents; she now has way too many, and washing up from this morning. I hear another set of snores on the sofa behind me. 

But thats mums isn't it, just do, do, doing all the time. He wouldn't have got any of it right anyway, and from where would my smugness have come as the compliments on the food came in. Of course my mum had a huge backstage role, as usual she worked very hard to make my day easier. 

I am pleased to report that we all had a lovely time and baby and daddy are resting now after a very hard day socialising. Mummy is enjoying a glass of wine and a catch up with her social network!

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