Sunday, June 12

Independant Little Miss.

Our weekly library visits are lovely (apart from last week - see previous post!), we play first with the medical box or the play groceries. The kids are learning to share and interact. Mum's catch up on their progress and new funny ways. Then its nursery rhyme time followed by a story. All the kids grab a cushion and sit watching the storyteller turn the pages and it can go either way, listening intently or fidgeting.

Then its time to go choose our books. We have words and pictures books at home and the board books so I always get story books to read. This week I chose 'I'm BIG enough now'. The tale of a baby elephant who wants to go off on adventures exclaiming "I'm big enough now". Ending up in situations that baby is unable to cope with along comes his 'wise, old mum' to help out. They end up having great  fun together and baby decides to wait a while before resuming the adventures as actually he's not big enough yet.

I have read this book several times now and cannot get to the end without crying. OK, I am a softy tearful sort, but this is quite ridiculous. I love this book and despite the tears will be buying a copy to keep, its wonderful, with a great sentiment and moral - 'mum knows best'!

I told my dad my reaction to reading this book, and he said that when I was younger I could not believe I wouldn't always live with my mum and dad. I was horrified at the time! But as I grew I couldn't wait to move on!

Baby's have to grow up and it's a parents' job to give them independance and life skills to help them move on. Always good  to go home though! 

Lots of love to my mum and dad, and my baby. xxx

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