Monday, June 13

Old York! Old York!

This week I went on a nice day out to York with the baby and my parents. It's a city I went to many times as a child and never got bored of looking round the Minster (it was free back then). Having been destroyed in a fire, it always seemed to be being restored, so each time we went we saw how it had (hardly) progressed and gazed in wonder at the vastness of this great place of worship.

York is steeped in history ready for exploration boatsing many tours and attractions. But the 3 things I love about York are the Tea Shops. Ye Olde Buildings. And the quaint little streets with their quirky little shops.

We spent 4 hours wandering round, taking in the sunshine (we were lucky!), peering in the windows, stopping to drink cups of tea and devour yummy slices of cake. We took a look at the minster (we stayed in the foyer to have a nose, before popping across the road to the (free) RC church for a quick prayer and to light a candle.

I didn't take many pictures but Ye Olde Shops deserved to be shown off. Also, regulars to my blog will know I don't do personal pics but I made an exception here, and you can see my mum in the red coat pushing my baby. OK its from behind but it's as much as you're getting!

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