Monday, June 13

Only in Liverpool???

It's been a regular topic of conversation in this part of the world and I have seen variations a plenty in the 10 years of being in Liverpool. Wearing pyjamas out in the street. To go to the shops. Yes, you read that right. I am a non-judgemental character, and while this activity is not for me personally - and God knows I have left the house in some right states - but never in a stained, once white dressing gown on a Sunday afternoon at the only shop open for miles around. (Due to Sunday trading laws most shops shut at 4 on a Sunday afternoon).

You see, my baby has the chicken pox - not picked up from York I hasten to add - probably from one of the groups I take her to, but glad to get it out of the way to be honest. Poor little mite, blisters all over her head. This is self diagnosed as the GP said it was not Chicken Pox and she didn't know what it was. But with the help of the trusty internet and its many pictures and descriptions I will take a gamble and say it is the CPox. So how to treat it - porridge oats??? Suprisingly yes. It seemed to relieve the itching for her.

For 2 days during its most intense period I subjected her to cool baths in porridge oats 3 times a day. She screamed the place down - it was cold. I rationalised it to myself that it's only the same as swimming - yes where we cuddle each other really tight 'til we are warmed up, and splash and kick to send the blood round to speed up that warm front. I was not present in that cold vat of porridge. It was for her own good.

Then scared about the risk of infection leading to potential life long scarring I changed her romper and towel each time and washed her bedding each day. Looking after the sick is hard work.

Anyway back to the story, we were in quarantine so I had totally kicked back, relaxed hair, no make-up, scruffy joggers and tee. Ran out of coffee I went to the shop on a grey Sunday afternoon which was teeming with rain. Oversized raincoat on, hood up and head down to ensure I didn't see anyone in this state I barely looked up as I walked in. Til I saw the wet dirty slippers wander in. I think we all looked twice as they brazenly strolled in.

It's not exactly common, but once or twice a week I see (always girls) wandering round in their PJ's. They are so obviously PJ's too. With penguins on, cow print etc. It poses so may questions though. Are these special day PJ's? Did they wear these for bed last night? Will they wear them tonight? Have they underwear on under there? (That is asked purely for hygiene reasons).

I just find it bizarre. And a noteable experience as it was the worst of it's kind to date.
 (Just a footnote about the porridge - it was porridge oats placed in a muslin cloth and held under the tap as the water was running). No edible breakfast cereal was present.

P.S Baby on the mend.


  1. Hi, I just found your blog on the Etsy Blogging Buddies team! Your purses are lovely!


  2. I am dreading the day my little one gets chicken pox...


  3. I am sorry to hear your little one has the Chicken pox,luckily when I had them I was too little to remember but I do have a small scare from one of the 'pox',My brother was the unlucky one who had them twice.

  4. She is much better, have to wait now to see what marks have been left. But she barely itched so there wasn't anything else we could have done.
    I have since found out that this remedy is good for eczema. And that if you add some powdered milk it makes a fabulous moisturing bath soak. Tried it - Love it!


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