Sunday, July 3

My first Craft Fair!

Today is my day off from mummying and its all about me, by me and for me! I have a stall at a local craft fair and will be showcasing my wares and from 10am til 4 pm.

So 9am and I am in, got my table, right at the door, practised my layout last night so I know what I am up to and 9.20 - finished, all set up. Start to write for this blog post while all the other stall holders who have intricate items and more complicated pieces to display are busy busy, pricing, setting up and exercising their artistic flair with their displays.

Its a moment of pride for us all as we step back and admire our stalls. Check, tweak, double check, tweak and yes, thats it, all done. A few photos and we are done. Ready to sell.

I added new lines with some scented hearts and makeup bags which I have been experimenting with, they went down well so pleased with that and they were an interesting addition to the table. The scent of holidays has lingered all day from the orchid and coconut used in the scented hearts - Lush!

Echoing the room are the sounds of rustling bags as we tidy up and with half an hour to go til doors open we look round and check out the competition.

Opposite me is Ria's Jewellery so we couldn't help but catch eyes all day, and next to her, Jacq of Hearts who makes the most gorgeous fabric hearts, handstitched and made with love. My competition was The Bag Laydeez, but really was no competition at all as our product was completely different and Jessies Jewels were no competition for Ria as the organiser had ensured no duplication and strategic placement of crafts to give an enjoyable mix for the browsing customer. It was an interesting and appealing mix to us all.

For me, today was about gauging my customer, working out popularity and any new product lines, based on feedback. I have spent a long time making in isolation and it did me good to get out and actually meet my market and like minded individuals on the craft circuit.  The mix of stallholders was great in terms of experience as well as product and the encouragement and friendlyness made for a really enjoyable day. I have a few new ideas and lots of feedback on other fairs, footfall, new contacts and new 'friends' who I am bound to see again as I continue with this path.

Jewellery and cards are always the most popular at these events, today there were some really simple but effective cross stitch cards by AKStitching. Really pretty and appealing for a personal touch, something different. Suttons Soap is a fairly new but successful soap company, and the scents are divine - Lush! And the display of nappy cakes by Geeta was fabulous, through doing these fairs her range has expanded since last time I saw her. There were tons of others whose cards I never picked up (including the organiser - sorry Suzanne!), too busy chatting and just forgot, but what  was apparent was how many talented people you could fit in 1 room and it was plenty of us!!!

Although sales didn't come through for all of us due to the poor foot fall due to the FANTASTIC weather (everyone must have gone to the beach) it was definately not a wasted day and I shall be back there in November, and most of the other stall holders have all booked for future dates too. So don't miss it!


  1. Thanks! I am thinking about doing my first craft fair in the fall. It is way too hot around here for that now. I'm looking for somewhere that has a booth that is not too expensive though.

  2. Theresa, I'd research a fair before attending, sometimes the price is low due to poor footfall which can be quite disheartening. Occasionally, it's worth spending a little more.

  3. I would certainly research the venue and not necessarily go for price. The one good thing about a craft show is the other stallholders are all so helpful you will find out so much while you are there, if you make a mistake on the venue, all is not lost as you will come away with lots of info to help you choose better next time.


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